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Military Connectors Mil-C-81703 (SAE-AS-81703) Series 1

Military Connectors Mil-Spec SAE-AS-81703 ( MIL-C-81703 ), is used instead of MIL-C-81703. Military connectors SAE-AS-81703 Series 1 ( Army Navy Aerospace Standards ) quick disconnect connectors - MS3130  MS3132   MS3134   MS3137   MS3138 are military connectors military qualified products list of products qualified under military specification MIL-C-81703.

Mil-C-81703 (SAE-AS-81703) Series 1 military connectors quick-release styles (quick disconnect) include wall mount (box MNT w/o grommet), jam nut receptacle, straight plug and straight plug heavy lanyard. Mil-C-81703 Series 1 connectors are used primarily in high-end applications.

Military connectors Mil-C-81703 (SAE-AS-81703) Series 1 connector line has various insert configurations to suit in aerospace, industrial, marine, and commercial applications. Contact gauges range from 12 to 20 which are non-removable solder termination.

Cross reference the Mil-C-81703 ( SAE-AS81703 ) military connectors ( MS ) Mil-C-81703 list, please see Deutsch Military connectors RTS connectors and Military connectors Mil-C-81703 cross reference RT connectors and Deutsch Connectors.

Military Connectors MIL-DTL-22992 (MIL-C-22992) Power Connectors

Military Connectors MIL-DTL-22992 ( Mil-Spec connectors formerly MIL-C-22992) Class L ( military circular connectors , military generator connectors) are military qualified products list of products (QPL'd) qualified under military specification MIL-C-22992.

MIL-DTL-22992 Class L (formerly MIL-C-22992) connectors MS90555 MS90556 MS90557 MS90558 are multi-contact, heavy duty, waterproof, electrical plug and electrical receptacle military connectors and associated accessories for electronic and electrical power and control circuits.

Military connectors SAE-AS-81703 series 1 and military connectors MIL-DTL-22992 (MIL-C-22992) are military circular connectors used by U.S. Department of Defense in aerospace, marine and navy for severe aeronautical and tactical service applications.

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Mil-Spec Military Connectors