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MS90555C44112S compatible RT90555C44112S
Identification -
MS Part NumberMS90555C44112SMS Designation
MS Number -MS90555 MS90555 wall mount receptacle (power source).
MS90556 straight plug connectors.
MS90557 cable connecting receptacle without coupling ring.
MS90558 wall mount plug with coupling ring (equipment end).
Shell Finish -CC (conductive) for AC
Shell Size -44Size 44 - 100 amperes
Master Key/Keyway Position -1Positions 1, 4, 5 and 6 of the master key/keyway prevent cross-mating of incompatible voltages.
Insert Arrangement -12 Determined by connector size (current carring capability) and cable configuration to be accommodated.
Contact Type -S P for pin, S for Socket. MS90555 and MS90557 are supplied with Socket contacts only.
Alternate Insert Rotation -Absence of a letter in this space indicates normal(0) position of the insert.

MS90555C44112S Installation Instruction (PDF)         search MS90555 , MS90556 , MS90557 , MS90558

MS90555C44112S Ordering Information:

MS90555C44112S equivalent substitute RT90555C44112S are supplied with removable contacts. Contacts are supplied unassembled. Also supplied are applicable accessories. Additional contacts may be ordered separately by part number. Connectors may be ordered by RTI part number or we can cross reference the military(MS) part number. Please contact us for modification codes. Or

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