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RTS07 (Deutsch DS07, MS3147 Compatible) Quick Disconnect Straight Plug Connector

RTS07 (Deutsch DS07, MS3147 Compatible) is push-pull quick disconnect crimp connector and the shell style is straight plug cable mounted with removable contacts, cross reference Deutsch DS07, Mil-C-81703 Series MS3147. The RTS Crimp Series (Commercial) exceeds the SAE-AS-81703 Series I, MIL-C-26482 and RT Solder Series Line in performance.

RTS Crimp Series Connectors line will intermate with the corresponding layouts in the SAE-AS-81703 Series I line and the RT Solder Series line. This line is used in more critical applications where the environment and voltage rating are a factor. This line also has more diverse insert configurations including a 61 pin insert layout. Contact gauges range from 12 to 20, are removeable crimp, and also be fitted with thermocouple and coaxial contacts.

This line also has the capabilities to be modified for rotations, finishes, backshells and terminations. Please contact the factory for modification codes.

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RTS07 (Deutsch DS07, MS3147) Quick Disconnect Connector
All parts designed, manufactured and tested to meet the following specs:
Air Leakage: Less than 1 cu. in/hr per @ 30 psi diff.
Altitude: 1250 volts (rms) 60 cps @ 50,000 ft. (mated)
Corrosion: Meets requirements of Mil-STD-202A, Method 101, condition B.
Contact Spacing: Minimum contact spacing (center to center): [#20 - .130] / [#16 - .168] /[#12 - .205]
Contact Retention: Withstand 25 lbs minimum, in either direction.
Current: #20 contact - 7.5 amps / #16 contact - 25 amps / #12 contact - 40 amps.
Durability: 500 cycles of engagement without defects.
Humidity: Meets requirements of Mil-E-5272 procedures I & III
Insulation Resistance: 50,000 megohms minimum of 75°F.
Temperature Rating: Operating temperatures from -67°F to over 300°F.
Cross Reference/Replacement
RTI DEUTSCH* MIL C 81703** Description
RTS07 DS07 MS3147 Straight Plug
Part Identification:
RTS 07 37 S * ***
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. MIL C 81703 Compatible Removable Crimp
2. Shell Style
Customer Use Drawings:
07 - Straight Plug (Cable Mounted)
RTS07 Tab Drawing
3. Shell Size/Insert Arrangement (See Available Layouts)
Insert Layout:
RTS Insert Tab Size 3,7,12
4. Contact Type
RTS Insert Tab Size 19
P: Pin
RTS Insert Tab Size 27
S: Socket
RTS Insert Tab Size 37
RTS Insert Tab Size 61
5. Alternate Rotation (Consult Dealer)
RTS Removable Contacts:
6. Basic Modification Codes
RTS Contacts Tab
004 - Potting Boot Supplied / RT, RTS
RTS Contact Removal Tools(Daniels MFG):
023 - Olive Drab Plating / RT, RTS
025 - Lanyard Release / RTS
072 - Conduit Adapter, Less Clamp / RTS
081 - 90 Degree End Bell / RTS
090 - Supplied Less Contacts /RTS
095 - Clamp W/Heavy Gold Contacts / RTS
290 - Watertight 90 Degree End Bell, Olive Drab Plating /RTS
293 - Clamp W/Olive Drab Plating /RTS
369 - Olive Drab Plating & Potting Boot / RTS
411 - Cable Clamp & Adapter /RTS
598 - Gold Plated Shell W/Clamp
6043 - Stainless Steel Shell, Olive Drab /RTS
6044 - Stainless Steel Shell, Wire Seal /RTS
* All RTS Crimp inserts are skydrol resistant.