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Quick Disconnect Solder Connectors (Deutsch Connector DM Series Compatible)

Quick Disconnect Solder Connectors (Deutsch Connector DM Series Compatible) - Robert Technologies commercial connectors RT solder connectors series.

Robert Technologies quick disconnect plug connectors solder series cross reference deutsch connectors DM series DM9700 - RT9700, DM9702 - RT9702, DM9703 - RT9703. RT solder quick disconnect receptacle connectors cross reference deutsch connectors DM series DM9606 - RT9606, DM9601 - RT9601, DM9616 - RT9616.

RT solder quick disconnect connectors (quick release, quick connect) commercial connectors are equal in performance, uses identical insert configurations, contact gauges, and contacts style as the SAE-AS-81703 (Mil-C-81703) Series I line, but are more versatile. This allows for modifications to be applied to the connectors for specific requirements.

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Inquire about Solder Series
Solder Connector Quick Disconnect Receptacle connector RT9606 (DM9606)
RT Solder Connectors, Mil-C-81703 Series I and Deutsch DM Connectors Cross Reference/Replacement
RTI DEUTSCH* MIL C 81703** Description
DM9601 Jam Nut Receptacle
DM9606 Wall Mount
RT9606N DM9606 Box MNT w/o Grommet
DM9616 ---- Box Mount Receptacle
DM9700 Straight Plug
DM9702 Straight Plug w/Clamp
DM9703 Straight Plug w/Lanyard
All parts designed, manufactured and tested to meet the following specs:
Air Leakage: Less than 1 cu. in/hr per @ 30 psi diff.
Altitude: 750 volts (rms) 60 cps @ 50,000 ft.
Corrosion: 48 hrs salt spray per Mil-STD-202A.
Contact Spacing: Minimum contact spacing (center to center): [#20 - .130] / [#16 - .168] /[#12 - .205]
Current: #20 contact - 7.5 amps / #16 contact - 25 amps / #12 contact - 40 amps.
Durability: 500 cycles of engagement without defects.
Humidity: Per SAE-AS-81703.
Insulation Resistance: Greater than 5,000 megohms @ 75°F.
Temperature Rating: -55°C to 125°C + /-3°C.