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Connector Plug Quick Disconnect - RT Solder Plug Series
Connector Plug Quick Disconnect - Robert Technologies Commercial Connectors Solder Plug series is push - pull quick disconnect, pin or socket contact type and equal in performance, uses identical insert configurations, contact gauges, and contact style as the MIL-C-81703 Series I (SAE-AS-81703) line, but is more versatile. This allows for modifications to be applied to the connectors for specific requirements. Inserts Layout: MS-RT Insert Layout Size 3, 7, 12     MS-RT Insert Layout Size 19     MS-RT Insert Layout Size 27

RT Solder plug series:

RT9700 - Straight Plug cross reference or replacementd Deutsch DM9700, MIL-C-81703 MS3137

RT9702 - Straight Plug with Clamp cross reference or replacement Deutsch DM9702 and MIL-C-81703 MS3137

RT9703 - Straight Plug with Lanyard cross reference of Deutsch DM9703 and MIL-C-81703 MS3137

RT9717 - Plug with Lanyard and Clamp    

RT9718 - Double Knurled Straight Plug    

RT9720- Lanyard Release Plug    

RT9728 - Double Knurled Plug with Clamp    

RT9730 - Plug with Heavy Lanyard

RT9700 TAB Drawing      RT9702 TAB Drawing     RT9703 TAB Drawing

Cross Reference/Replacement
RTI DEUTSCH* MIL C 81703** Description
RT9700 DM9700 MS3137 Straight Plug
RT9702 DM9702 MS3137 Straight Plug w/Clamp
RT9703 DM9703 MS3137 Straight Plug w/Lanyard
RT9717 DM9717 Plug w/Lanyard and Clamp
RT9718 DM9718 Double Knurled Straight Plug
RT9720 DM9720 Lanyard Release Plug
RT9728 DM9728 Double Knurled Plug w/Clamp
RT9730 14946 Plug w/Heavy Lanyard

Inquire about RT Solder Plug Series
All parts designed, manufactured and tested to meet the following specs:
Air Leakage: Less than 1 cu. in/hr per @ 30 psi diff.
Altitude: 750 volts (rms) 60 cps @ 50,000 ft.
Corrosion: 48 hrs salt spray per Mil-STD-202A.
Contact Spacing: Minimum contact spacing (center to center): [#20 - .130] / [#16 - .168] /[#12 - .205]
Contact Retention: Withstand 25 lbs minimum, in either direction.
Current: #20 contact - 7.5 amps / #16 contact - 25 amps / #12 contact - 40 amps.
Durability: 500 cycles of engagement without defects.
Humidity: Per SAE AS81703.
Insulation Resistance: Greater than 5,000 megohms @ 75°F.
Temperature Rating: -55°C to 125° + /-3°C.
1. MIL C 81703 Compatible Solder Contacts
2. Shell Style
9700 - Straight Plug
9702 - Straight Plug w/Clamp
9703 - Straight Plug, OD
9718 - Double Knurled Straight Plug
9728 - Double Knurled Straight Plug w/Clamp
3. Shell Size/Insert Arrangement (See Available Layouts)
4. Contact Type
P: Pin
S: Socket
5. Alternate Rotation (Consult Dealer)
6. Modification Code
003 - 90 Degree End Bell For Wire Bundle /RT
004 - Potting Boot Supplied /RT, RTS
006 - Heavy Gold Contacts /RT
010 - Clamp, Bushing /RT
023 - Olive Drab Plating /RT, RTS
035 - Epoxy Backfill / RT
045 - Alumalite Finish / RT
057 - Nickel finish; Shell & Contacts /RT
215 - Conduit Adapter /RT
295 - Supplied w/Step Up Conduit Adapter /RT
296 - Supplied w/Standard Conduit Adapter /RT
313 - Supplied w/Step Up Conduit Adapter & Large End Bell /RT
* All RTS Crimp inserts are oil resistant.
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