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RTSM07 ( Deutsch RSM07) Push-Pull Subminiature (Sub-miniature) Plug Connector
Push-Pull Coupling Subminiature(sub-miniature) plug connector RTSM07 cross reference Deutsch RSM07. RTSM07 is push-pull quick disconnect plug and designed for easier handling. Quick disconnect push-pull coupling allows connectors to be closely mounted. See other plug connectors RT Solder Plug Series (deutsch dm series), Robert Technologies military plug connectors and RT Crimp Plug Connectors.

Contacts in the RTSM subminiature (sub-miniature) connectors ( Deutsch RSM ) are spaced .080" apart. This means up to three times the number of contacts in a given area compared to miniature connectors of the MIL-C-26482 or MIL-C-26500 types. See RTSM Series Contacts and RTSM Series Inserts. RTSM ( Deutsch RSM ) subminiature (sub-miniature) connectors fully environmental and meets or exceeds all of the performance requirements of MIL-C-81511.

RTSM connectors are available in square flange, single hole mounting types in both resilient and hermetic receptacles. Push pull plugs (with or without lanyard release) ideal for high performance low weight applications. Other RTSM push-pull coupling subminiature connectors RTSM00 RTSM04 RTSM09.

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Quick Disconnect(s) Sub-miniature Connectors RTSM07 (Deutsch RSM07)
All parts designed, manufactured and tested to meet the following specs:
Contact engagement & separation forces
Meet the requirements of MIL-C-81511, using test pin conforming to the Deutsch pin contact and .5 oz. min. separation.
Dielectric withstanding voltage(See Level)
#22 Contact spacing - 1500 V @ 60 Hz
#16 Contact spacing - 1500 V @ 60 Hz
#20 Contact spacing - 1500 V @ 60 Hz
Contact Spacing
#22 Contacts - .080 ctrs
#16 Contacts - .168 ctrs
#20 Contacts - .130 ctrs
Current Rating
#22 Contacts - 5 amps max
#16 Contacts - 13 amps max
#20 Contacts - 7.5 amps max
Silicone Inserts
Resilient insert materials are devoid of all organic matter. Standard inserts resist immersion in solvent per MIL-C-81511.
ARC Resistance
All dielectric materials withstand a minimum of 130 seconds per ASTM method designation D-495-48T.
Mated connectors meet requirements of MIL-C-81511 when tested per MIL-STD-202. Method 101. Condition- "B".
Contact Millivolt Drop
#22 contacts - #16 contacts and #20 contacts meet the requirements of MIL-C-81511.
Dielectric Strength
350 volts per mil minimum.
Crimp Retention
Values of MIL-C-23216 apply for size 22, 16 and size 20 contacts all wire gages.
Moisture Resistance
Insuiation resistance in excess of 100 megohms after procedure of MIL-STD-202. Method 106 and humidity test per MIL-C-81511 (latest revision).
Operative at temperatures from -67° F to 300° F
Contact Retention
All #22 contacts withstand a minimum of 15 pounds in direction of mating forces.
All #16 contacts withstand a min. of 25 lbs. in direction of mating forces.
All #20 contacts withstand a min. of 20 lbs. in direction of mating forces.
Thermal Shock
No cracking, chipping or leaking after 5 cycles per MIL-C-81511 at rated temperature.
Insert Retention
75 psi min. (per MIL-C-81511).
Useable Wire Size (Per MIL-W-16878/4A)
#22 contacts - receive conductor AWG 22 thru AWG 26 ( wire O.D. - .033 to .054)
#16 contacts receive conductor AWG 16 thru 18 wire O.D. .066 to .090
#20 contacts receive conductor AWG 20 thru 24 wire O.D. .040- TO 0.83.
Properly wired and mated connectors will withstand 250 volts RMS 60 cps for 60 seconds and 350 volts D.C. at 110,000 ft.
No electrical or mechanical defects after 500 cycles of engagement and disengagement per MIL-C-81511.
Prod. Damage Resistance
#22 contacts resis 1/8 in. -lb.
#16 contacts resist 2 in.-lbs.
#20 contacts resist 1/2 in.-lb. when tested per MIL-C-23216.
Cross Reference/Replacement
RTI DEUTSCH* MIL C 81511** Description
RTSM07 RSM07 ---- Plug
Part Identification:
RTSM 07 37 S * ***
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Subminiature Push Pull
2. Shell Style
Customer Use Drawings:
07 - Plug
RTSM07 Tab Drawing
3. Shell Size/Insert Arrangement (See Available Layouts)
Insert Layout:
RTSM Series Inserts
4. Contact Type (Real Release)
P: Pin
RTSM Series Contacts
S: Socket
5. Alternate Rotation (Consult Manufacturer Available)
6. Basic Modification Codes (Consult Manufacturer Available)