Class L



Military Class L Connectors are required for all ground power equipment procured by the Department of Defense. The selection of Class ā€œLā€ connectors was primarily based on maximum user safety and equipment protection.

Part numbers:

  • MS90555
  • MS90556
  • MS90557
  • MS90558
  • MS90561
  • MS90563
  • MS90564
  • M39029/48
  • M39029/49



Commercial Class L Connectors meet or exceed the same performance standards as their military equivalents, but allow for modifications to be applied for specific application requirements.

Part numbers:

  • RT9055
  • RT9056
  • RT9057
  • RT9058
  • RT9061
  • RT9063
  • RT9064
  • RT39029/48
  • RT3029/49

Quick Disconnect

Crimp Series


The RT Solder Series (Commercial) is equal in performance, uses identical insert configurations, contact gauges, and contact style as the Mil-C-81703 Series I line, but is more versatile. This allows for modifications to be applied to the connectors for specific requirements.

Part numbers:

  • RTS00
  • RTS01
  • RTS04
  • RTS07
  • RTS08
  • RTS09

Solder Series


The RTS Crimp Series (Commercial) exceeds the Mil-C-81703 Series I and RT Solder Series lines in performance. This line will intermate with the corresponding layouts in the Mil-C-81703 Series I line and the RT Solder Series line. This line is used in more critical applications where the environment and voltage ratings are a factor.

Part numbers:

  • RTI9601
  • RTI9606
  • RTI9606N
  • RTI9616
  • RTI9700
  • RTI9702
  • RTI9703

Military QPL'd


This line of quick disconnect solder connectors is approved for use in military applications and Qualified Product Listed.

Part numbers:

  • MS3130/MS3132
  • MS3134
  • MS3137
  • MS3138



Subminiature Connectors RTSM are designed for easier handling push-pull quick connect, quick disconnect, quick release. The shell styles are box mounted receptacle, jam nut receptacle, blind mate receptacle and mounting styles include the square flange and single-hole mounting types in both resilient and hermetic receptacles.

Part numbers:

  • RTSM00
  • RTSM04
  • RTSM07
  • RTSM00